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Rebuild your marketing plan from the ground up 

Attract new customers with ethical, sustainable marketing strategies.

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Does your marketing plan look like this house?

  • Unstructured and inconsistent
  • Extra pieces tacked on that don't quite fit
  • There are rooms you're scared to go in because of the clutter 
  • Various parts are unstable 
  • You can never find anything because it's disorganized
  • You feel embarrassed by the lack of coherence 

Imagine if... 

list iconWe could break down all of the pieces of your current marketing activities, to see what's working, and what's not.

house iconBuild a new foundation on sustainable and ethical marketing strategies.

checkmark iconDevelop a weekly & monthly checklist, so you know exactly what to work on.

Meet the Marketing Plan Renovation

A big-picture marketing audit that will give you clarity & direction, so you can reach more customers.

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Eliminate marketing overwhelm

It's common to feel overwhelmed by all of the marketing options available to you. The good news is, you don't have to do everything! We'll find the tactics that will work for you, so you can focus on what's important.

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Get a fresh perspective

Two heads are better than one. We’ll brainstorm new, creative ideas together.

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Focus on sustainability

The best marketing plans are both achievable, and sustainable over the long term. We'll rebuild your marketing plan, so you feel empowered to follow through.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Introduction

Book your free introductory strategy session. In this session we'll talk about your goals and review your current marketing activities. 

Step 2: Renovation

I'll audit your current marketing activities and create a step-by-step marketing plan. You'll receive both short-term and long-term strategies, along with weekly & monthly checklists. 

Step 3: Discussion

We'll review the plan together and make any adjustments based on your feedback. After you have a chance to review your newly renovated marketing plan, we'll go through it together and make any changes.

You'll also receive recommendations for tools, resources, and service providers to help you implement your marketing plan successfully.

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"Cassi was instrumental in helping me start my non-profit.  Her expertise in marketing has stood the test these last 10 years.  I would highly recommend consulting Cassi for any new or existing business."

Gayla Breslauer
Brides Revisited

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Book Your First Strategy Session

This is a free session. We'll only continue the Marketing Plan Renovation if there is a mutually good fit.



How much does it cost? 

Until the end of July 2021 you can book your Marketing Plan Renovation at the launch special rate of $800. After the launch period has ended the price will go up to $1600. 

What if my business is brand new?

You may not have a current marketing plan if your business is new. That's okay! We'll build a plan from scratch, so you can start attracting customers.

What should I do if I still have questions?

Feel free to contact me: [email protected] - I'm happy to answer any questions.

Hi, I'm Cassi Lowe

I'm a marketing consultant, and the founder of Be Good. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in many different industries over the past 15 years – everything from healthcare to e-commerce to professional services, and more.

Over time I realized the businesses I most enjoyed working with were ones, like yours, that have a strong mission and passion for creating positive change in the world. So I made the decision to focus my skills on helping these types of businesses grow their impact.

My goal at Be Good is to bring more visibility to mission-driven businesses. 

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